The Foundation

I Can I Will
Making life worthwhile is more important than acquiring assets and chasing positions.

Being brought up with a checklist of dos and don’ts, we are conditioned to limit our life choices to ordinary; leading to mediocre lives. We miss numerous growth opportunities with mediocre mind set. ‘I Can’ and ‘I Will’ are two magical elementary phrases that can get us out of mediocrity. When combined as ‘I Can, I Will’ they behold the power to transform lives.

Experience the power of ‘I Can I Will.’ NOW! Say ‘I Can, I Will!’ thrice at the top of your voice and feel the difference.


I Can I Will Foundation is an NGO that endeavors to serve people by helping them realize their true potential – ‘I Can’. This realization, coupled with ‘I Will’ commitment becomes a powerful force namely, ‘I Can I Will’, which is motivational for self and inspiring for others. This foundation is set up to help every individual realize that there is a mechanism required to change up self. We are a commune of those individuals who believe in life as an opportunity to dream and achieve. By facilitating people to explore their potential, find their purpose of living in the evolution of consciousness and helping them further add value to the lives of others – we desire only to touch lives and spread the joy of giving.

I Can I Will Foundation is powered by Unnati – an organisation that contributes towards an individual’s development. Unnati has been empowering people for over 2 decades. Unnati helps people to explore their true potential. Unnati helps people become aware of the social conditioning and it’s side effects. It compels people to break self-imposed limitations and social pre-sets for exponential growth. The company has mastered these processes and with its expertise, it catalyzes the metamorphosis of an individual.

Lead yourself to the life you desire