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I Can I Will
The only bridge between your aspirations and achievements is you.


ILEADLearn, Evolve, Achieve & Develop

ILEAD is the first step towards an I Can I Will World wherein every member of the Commune looks for opportunities to help each other to Learn, Evolve, Achieve & Develop others (LEAD). The objective of the commune is Continuous and Sustainable Self-Development, making its members a ChA (Change Agent) for people important in their lives. While this initiative was designed specifically for ePaDians, it has now become popular amongst non-ePaDians too.

100Passionate Members
5Years of Transforming Lives
30Value-addition Sessions
40Dedicated Volunteers

iLeadContinuous Improvement & Sustainable Development is the true hallmark of Leadership.

The process of Learning, Evolution, Achievement and Development happens through the various exercises that these sessions comprise of.

TYCA (Team You Can’t Afford)

ILEAD gives you an opportunity to develop leadership qualities through effective questioning, powerful listening, perception shift and awareness creation that takes place on interacting with like-minded people. These individuals not just provoke you to think, but also challenge you to think differently.

Value Addition Session

Discuss an idea from ePaD, learn a new subject and increase your awareness – ILEAD is a platform where you can enhance your knowledge that can help you improve Quality of Life and Growth of Business.

Sharing Success & Learning

Share your success, voice your thoughts and bring positive change in the development of others. We, at ILEAD, are dreamers, doers, change catalysts and achievers who not only share success but possess the courage to look unsuccess in the eye and defeat it through collective growth.

Goal Setting

Set goals, break them down into numerous short-term goals and achieve them every single day. ILEAD is an opportunity to set your milestones in momentum, share the journey and give back to people around you.

Know More Grow More

Member Leaders of the ILEAD Commune are located in various parts of India. Some have registered from other countries too. It is especially important for the Commune Member Leaders to learn from each other as well as through external faculties. Know More Grow More is part of the session where Member Leaders talk about their organization, their products/services and the help they need for their growth.

Please note that all the sessions will be on Zoom and the timing will be 8:00 am to 11:30 am.

Saurabh Shah
Partner - Suvarna Nagari Jewellers
Ronak Patel
Founder & CMD - Sol Derma Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
Kirit Patel
Founder, Aryaanya Group
Setu Doshi
Partner - Cure World Healthcare
Rajat Gupta
Director - Starco Arochem Private Limited

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