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Build India

A pre-requisite of ‘Make in India’, our mission is to ‘Build India’. We can materialize this only by empowering the workforce of India and the Indian society with commitment, motivation, passion and vigor.

Covid-19 pandemic has ben a crisis for humanity. Unnati & I Can I Will Foundation believe without an iota of doubt that each crisis has built-in Opportunity, though hidden. It is like a coin. One side is Crisis and the other is Opportunity.

As the nation went to lock down in 2020, Turn Crisis into Opportunity series of sessions educating people how to live life in crises was coined and sessions were conducted. Later the idea of extending the series to educate the viewers (generally Owner managers of MSME sector) for growth of business was decided and sessions are conducted on a daily basis for Business.

The series became extremely useful and popular demand of participants requested Unnati & Foundation to make these sessions weekly and also bit deep in each subject. India is a country where there is hardly any education of business for entrepreneurs of MSME. Therefore, the growth is pathetic. MSME sector in India contributes very small part of the GDP compared to the same sector in Germany. Potential is immense and what is needed is educating, training & coaching these entrepreneurs from the MSME sector.

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