I Can I Will
Life is an opportunity to explore yourself for evolving to higher levels of consciousness and helping others grow. The Universe as we know it is constantly expanding and therefore, we must do our best towards the evolving Growth phase. We are on a journey from humans to super-humans. We must contribute. We must abandon our comfort zone. Push our limits. Commit to hard work. Only then, will we really grow.

FounderShyam Taneja

Self-aware, sincere and passionate – Shyam Taneja is a respected Master Facilitator committed to creating an I Can I Will World. Armed with over 40 years of experience of working with corporates and SMEs, Shyam Taneja is a believer in self-mastery and has been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses. Known for his tough-love approach, he strives relentlessly in pushing boundaries, maximizing potential, catalyzing exponential growth and nurturing personal leadership. He seizes every opportunity he gets to challenge people for breaking their own limitations and pulls them out of their comfort zone.

40Years of Experience
10,000Leaders Nurtured
1,000SMEs Strengthened
1Definite Goal

Shyam Taneja firmly believes that our society conditions us more to believe than think. We are asked to believe what our forefathers have been believing, and thinking is discouraged. As an aftermath of discouragement in thinking, we have been relegated by decades in comparison to many countries that emerged much after us. ‘The Golden Bird’ needs feathers of thinking to scale heights that India had achieved centuries ago. With this in mind, he endeavours to bring about a transformation that will determine the fate of India. He aspires to Make India by bringing about the awareness of these aspects in the lives of people.

“Every single day, you must work towards beating your best. That’s the key to sustainable growth.”

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