About The FoundationCreating an ‘I Can I Will’ World

I Can I Will Foundation endeavors to serve people by helping them realize their true potential – ‘I Can’. This realization, coupled with ‘I Will’ commitment becomes a powerful force namely, ‘I Can I Will’, which is motivational for self and inspiring for others. This foundation is set up to help every individual realize that there is a mechanism required to change up self.

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The FounderShyam Taneja

“The biggest need of India, with reference to the human dimension of life, is the development of quality leadership in people taking leadership roles – be it in NGOs, Government, Business, Society or in a Family setting. Value-driven leadership demands leaders to practice what they preach and walk what they talk.”

Chase Commitment, Dreams will Follow.

Success StoriesTransforming Lives

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  • Unlike other platforms that only focus on business development, ILEAD focuses on personal life, personal development as well as business development. That is exactly why I chose to join this movement of continuous and sustainable development. I got both, the right momentum and direction in my personal and business life. ILEAD added value to my life.

    Kirit PatelFounder, Aryaanya Group

  • With the help of ILEAD, my attitude has completely changed. Now, I am ready to face challenges. Through new strategies, I tackle my financial difficulties more effectively and have proposed a 50% growth in my business. I also spend quality time with my family, and still manage to have time for myself. I would recommend ILEAD to anybody who desires to grow. This is a platform to achieve overall growth.

    Saurabh ShahPartner - Suvarna Nagari Jewellers

  • Before joining ILEAD, the most difficult thing to do was follow the routine that I set for myself and for my business. By joining ILEAD, I committed to constant commitment. Now I can focus more and balance all aspects of my life, track my sales, interact with new people with valuable insights and grow my business. According to me, the best part of ILEAd is the success track sheet which reinforces each leader to do more and achieve more.

    Rajat GuptaDirector - Starco Arochem Private Limited

  • By joining ILEAD, I learnt from the life, knowledge, experience and habits of other leaders from this commune. My objective of joining ILEAD was to learn as much as I can about the business environment. Becoming a part of this platform taught me to be curious. It helped me a lot in my personal and business life. With ILEAD, I was able to identify the habits which stopped my journey to achieve my goals. Life is about growth, and this platform helps you achieve growth constantly.

    Setu DoshiPartner - Cure World Healthcare

  • The sole reason for joining ILEAD was the lack of motivation, self and business development in my life. With the help of this platform, I learned many things: to tackle my employees, to network with like-minded individuals and the importance of continuously developing self. The boost in my self-confidence, the increase in business and immense motivation from other leaders are all ther outcomes of becoming a part of this platform.

    Vipul GandhiDirector - Patron Financials

Kirit Patel Saurabh Shah Rajat Gupta Setu Doshi Vipul Gandhi

Lead yourself to the life you desire