“We believe – Children should be able to explore themselves without the pre-conditions set by the society” – Shyam Taneja
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Parents, Do you want your Children to?

If yes, LiMa is your answer!

What is LiMa?

an initiative of I CAN I WILL FOUNDATION

LiMa is a unique and exceptional journey of KNOWING & PRACTICING. It is an attitudinal change process that provides powerful ideas, introspection and tools for application thus providing a springboard for quantum growth.

Through the sessions children get access to powerful tools, systems and insights that help them build clarity and confidence! The period of childhood is a period when every child goes through the growth phase- intellectually, emotionally and socially. Our goal is to creatively facilitate life skills that assist children to make life enriching choices.

Why LiMa?

Each child receives Personal Attention
Facilitating rather than teaching
Activity based learning with Practical implementation
Getting Kids to explore their Potential

LiMa Junior

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LiMa Senior

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